Monday, November 23, 2009

101 Reasons Star Wars is No Longer Relevant To Me (cont.)

87. This is a stereotypical diner cook.

This is a stereotypical diner cook in a galaxy far, far away.

86.In E.S.B. after R2 is spit out by the Dagobah swamp monster, Lukes dialogue has been changed. From "your lucky you don't taste good" to "you were lucky to get out of there".



84.Every time Asoka calls R2-D2 Artoo-ee i die inside.

83.And since when did R2 become a damn Swiss army droid? A lot of his weaponry could have came in useful in the original trilogy.


81.George wrote Anakin saying Yippee! in Phantom Menace. TWICE!

80.In E.S.B. Vader knows the rebellion is on Hoth and names Luke as well.That's all well and good until Lucas re shot the exchange between Vader and the Emperor. Now it looks like Vader is an idiot who couldn't put two and two together. HMMM my name used to be Skywalker and this kid just blew up my space station with the same last name.(Which i knew in the beginning of this film but now i seem baffled by thanks to an idiotic re-write)


Wow George, this was really needed. Maybe your next re edit/cut you can have him wearing an Ed Hardy shirt. Or maybe his mask can be off so you can cut and paste more Temuera Morrison heads on everything.

78.When the game The Force Unleashed was being worked on George had a bright idea.He wrote the story so at the end of the game you kill Vader and essentially don his armor, thus becoming Vader for A.N.H. thru R.O.T.J.

The game designers had to explain to this idiot how bad that would be. How horribly he would alienate the fans. The fact this had to be explained to him is infuriating.

77.This muppets last name is Yowza.

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