Thursday, April 30, 2009

my humble paintings

so i've been painting and making art since 1993. i think i'm pretty mediocre but i enjoy it. i've been shown in galleries, bars, i even had a piece in the art institute of chicago. this is a piece i did of a Japanese cosplayer. i was gonna do a whole series but this is the only one so far.

this needs no introduction :)

blythe dolls are so awesome!

videos from the 80's

i grew up outside chicago in a suburb called calumet city. we had a ma and pa video store in the neighborhood that was so cool i used to go there just to look at video covers and make lists based on the covers of what me and my friends should rent next. the store was broken off into rooms. so the horror stuff was in a small room with all the videos facing out on the the middle of the room was a cage with a skeleton in it and they played haunted house stuff in the room.the "action" room had a palm plant in it and helicopter and gun sounds.i swear it was so cool.they had an "adult" section i never had the guts to sneak into but it had pink beads in the doorway.

"dont judge a book by its cover" could not be better advice because these video covers would sometimes rule so hard and the movie within would be utter shit.sometimes not even containing the image on the box in the movie! but sometimes you would be surprised (and in my case scared out of my mind) by a great film.phantasm is one such film.

boy this was the movie,right?when me and my friends rented and watched this we were depressed (and sure we were gonna die gory deaths) for days afterward.

this film freaked me out as a kid.i've re-watched it as an adult and yes,its horribly bad(you can see boom mike shadows behind the actors bad)but it still freaked me out.naturally lit horror films are so much scarier than artificial lit stuff which just removes you from any sense that this is or could be real(see texas chainsaw massacre old vs. new for a comparison)

we rented this one based on a preview from another film and this is the "you've seen It all in the preview" kinda film but man, some of the gore is over the top!

it was video covers like this that as a kid drew me back again and again to that video store.i can almost smell that video store "funk" lookin at this picture.ya know i still smell that video store funk every once in awhile at my comic store...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

random cool picture #4

micheal jackson auction part 2

"While I get the connotation, I find the reality of this WAY funnier. Michael Jackson STILL had a fancy Virtual Boy setup?"

"I guess when REAL boys aren't available..."

"Is this a deleted lyric from Steve Millers "The Joker"? "

"I feel as if there was a "'sha'mon!" on that last line that was painted over. "

"holy crap..!!!!!!!!!!!!! this poem is either a confession..or coercion. "

"I'd like the Children of the World with a side order of fries. Oh, and I guess some little smokies. "

"children of the world . . . on the menu?! "

"That baby's putting an old Italian curse on you."

"dear god. you've got to wonder what the turn over rate was for the housekeeping staff. all the weird shit you've got to dust and it's all giving you the evil eye "

"the price of gold is at an all-time high! what, cash4gold wasn't good enough for mj? "

"He should've commissioned himself as frozen Han Solo "

micheal jackson auction part 1

so micheal jackson had to auction all his neverland crap off.Paulscheer went and photographed the items.his flickr here-
i included some of my favorite comments from the masses.

"What is the girl with the pigtails sniffing? "

"So, at first I thought the girl with the uplifted skirt was wearing thigh highs and no undies. Anyone else see that subliminal message? Or is being disturbed contagious? Am I too far gone?? "

"This makes baby Jesus cry."

"It's like one of those rickety signs which swing from a creaking rusty chain in many a horror film. "Don't go in!" you shout at the actors but alas they can never hear you. "

"Okay DNA tests on all those statues! I'm sure thats where half the missing children in the US are....."

"That painting contains clues to finding Michael Jackson's lost gold."

leia has posted pics of the new slave leia by Sideshow Collectibles.

Monday, April 27, 2009

blogs you should know

i've started dabbling in paper craft lately.i guess the inner 5 year old in me loves the scissor cutting,elmers glue stickiness of it.if you type "paper craft" in a search engine I'm sure a billion projects will pop up but for my money this one is a priority must see.

easy to follow directions will have novices making stuff right away.the 1950's art style seems to mesh well with the paper aesthetic of the projects.go on and unleash your inner 5 year old!


i think i'm gonna be $500 lighter.i went to the comic store saturday.i knew the new issue of star wars dark times came out and i wanted to get my hands on it.they have vintage marvel star wars at this shop but i've avoided re-collecting these for 2 reasons.1-when i was a kid i plunked done my allowance every month for these and even as akid i knew the inside art work was HORRIBLE!people and objects size never related to each other.everyone had these hard,square superman jaws.freakin bunny bounty hunters!luke looked like one of the allman brothers.can i stress how bad the art is?2-the shop charges $4-$5 an issue.there were like 120 issues.but like everytime i've gone previous i looked at them anyway.and then i saw this issue in the box.

i remembered this issue.leia is trapped somewhere hiding and fighting the empire lone-wolf style.and as bad as the inside art was the covers(like almost every comic in the world) were i plunked down my $5 for this issue thinkin "i'll only buy the issues with covers i like."

i think i'm gonna be $500 lighter.

Friday, April 24, 2009

random cool picture #3

blogs you should know

when i get to work i fire up my computer,open my can of coke,check my e-mail,then hit my favorite blogs.the blogs i read were a major force in starting my that's been a huge influence is
now i still feel I'm walking with training wheels here in the blog such i wrote him asking for advice(and a possible link from his page.)and he was super awesome.its a pretty understood thing that geeks are way cool to each other and this mysterious man in the lucha mask proves it.i just wanted to thank him and check out his page.if he lived closer we would be rolling 20 sided and battling orcs!

agenda?i don't even know her!

i'm not a writer.i'm a reader.i fly thru books at superman like rates.i can go to bookstores and the employees know me by name.on my nightstand at home are the following;american psycho(re-reading for like the 4th time),all quiet on the western front(i just finished it and it is a masterpiece,more intense than private ryan!)star wars darksaber(just starting this one.its kevin anderson so it should be epic)

let me jump to another topic real quick-

on myspace i belong to a group of people i call friends.this group is an amazing assortment of nerds,geeks,and dorks.i LOVE this group!a few of them were nice enough to give me feedback and a complaint/critique was my spelling and run-on sentences.i started this blog too share shit i find thats cool,funny,interesting etc.i wanna keep it light.but,it should be dear readers(if there are any of you besides my wife kristina and my dear friend meg)i will attempt to make this as readable as possible.i will spellcheck my ass off!(i was gonna make this whole post a run on sentence and then figured kristina and meg wouldnt get it.)

so my friends,i will try to be as "readable' as possible.but remember...i'm not a writer.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

clowns vs. cops

this is an amazing
Goto to experience the film in 21:9 Philips Carousel - a short film from Adam Berg and Stink Digital Red carpet roll-out for Cinema


i cant get videos to upload if you follow this link you can watch 3 inept cops taz a naked hippy at coachella who wont put on his wizard robe.i'm no fan of cops but i sure as hell dont dig hippies either.(nsfw)

the MELVINS!!!

in honor of the melvins crushing our eardrums with wonderful sludgy goodness for 25 years revolution tattoo and some of the most bad ass artists in chicago will have a one night only show across the street from where the melvins are playing including playing HOUDINI in its entierty!i have a couple of evil pieces for the show(i will take pics and post soon)...and i will be there at double door for the melvins show.we got the word to the group and rumour has it they will stop by the gallery after the performance.this is a once in a lifetime event and only one of four shows the melvins are doing to commemerate their 25 years in the music biz.this has rad stink all over it people!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

random cool picture #2


in my travels I've run into or know some famous people.most are cool,a few i call friends,and one was a huge douche.(hint:his last name sounds like gluesack)some of these meetings have resulted in the obligatory autograph.why you ask?i have no idea.some were "i cant beleive it *blank* RULES!"or"i can't beleive it *blank* is so cheesy!"followed by "lets get their autograph!"see if you can guess which is what.

(as usual my spelling is probably way off.sorry.)

lou ferrigno,nikki sixx,dita von tease,chris connely,gretchen mol,dan adams,dr.metal,steve stevens,tura satana,jan terri,emek,robert williams,frank kozik,clybourn moore,carrie fisher,brian urlacher.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

movies part 2

movies part 1

hmmmmm,so lets see,star yes movies!

my son is 4 years old and a supreme blast to hang out with,but between him and work i dont see movies like i used to.(come to think of it, i think the last movie i saw in the theatre was cloverfield?dark knight?)heres some movies i think are the bees knees.

music part 2