Friday, November 13, 2009

Board Games I'm Playing

When i tell people i collect board games it seems peoples knowledge of them ends at Monopoly and Risk. Boardgames have evolved into an amazing, fun thing that, unlike most video games, can be shared and played amongst friends and family. One of my newest games is The Adventurers.

You pick your character and enter a temple filled with treasure and traps. What is so great about the game play is the more treasure you carry, the slower your character moves. Which is bad news in a temple full of rolling boulders and walls closing.

Another great game is Last Night On Earth.

This is the greatest zombie movie you will ever play. One person controls the zombies and the rest are trying to complete the various objectives in the game. As with most all games even when you run out of scenarios you can make up your own. (ala Dungeons and Dragons)

I cant recommend these games enough.I have over 200 board games and i will try to spotlight the cool and unique ones in future posts. Do your self a favor and throw some dice. Your inner nerd misses you.

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