Friday, November 20, 2009

A New Level

So after playing some board games here and there i noticed the dice throwing aspect left something to be desired. It would hit playing pieces or fall off the table. My son had trouble as well with the dice not rolling or falling. Well guess what dear readers? The nerd community has solved these problems and more with Dice Towers! Yep, towers specifically built so now all you do is put your dice in the top and the slanted levels inside make the dice rolls random when they come out the bottom. Something i didn't know existed a month ago was now a MUST HAVE.

The problem is dice towers seem to start at $20 bucks and go up from there. There was no way i would pay $70 for a dice tower.

So i made my own.

Make a dice tower here

So here it is. My dice tower.Made out of foam core. The inside is lined with red felt for a nice dice rolling sound.

So there it is. Not as insane as some homemade ones but not a plain boring one either. I feel like i've reached another level of nerdness. When my wife saw what i had built she said "so you built something to help you do one of the few exercises you do?"

God i love her.

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