Monday, November 16, 2009


On Sunday the family and i went to a kids birthday party. A woman showed up and made the most awesome balloon things for the kids. She mad Yoshi a Spider-man because The Hulk would have taken her 20 minutes?!?

(Here's old web head)

So at one point she's making a guitar playing monkey (don't ask) and she says shes "gonna make his left hand do that horn thing, like Dio." Then she turns slowly towards me and says "that's his name right? Dio?" Dumbfounded i just reply "Yes,that is his name." You see my mind was kind of stuck on rewind and skip at the same time because i just kept thinking "what kind of person chooses making balloon things for kids parties as a career AND listens to Ronnie James Dio?"

Answer? The kind of person i want to party with!

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