Friday, October 30, 2009


I don't blog on the weekends(that's Yoshi time) so i want to wish everyone a happy Halloween.Be safe,have fun,dress up.

1 More Day To Halloween,Halloween,My Fair Zombies!

I am a zombie fan.It has been my favorite monster since seeing Night Of the Living Dead as a kid and being frightened in a way Dracula and Frankenstein's monster didn't scare me.It was death coming for you.It was all around you and it was inevitable.Dawn of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead are two of the best American zombie movies ever.

As i got older and my taste for foreign film grew i ran across the Italian zombie.The Italian zombie is a thing of beauty.They actually look like corpses rose from the ground.Rotted and made from dirt and rags,these zombies were truly nightmare inducing.(and they know how to use battering rams!)
Burial Ground

1 More Day To Halloween,Halloween

(Beyond the Door and The Night Evelyn Came Out Of the Grave are i.m.o. classics!Scared the crap out of me as a kid.)

They Are Legend

Bela Lugosi

101 Books My Son Must Read.


Bomb The Suburbs

By William Upski Wimsatt

Sometimes art does change the world.Never fear people different from you and see the beauty in urban life.

1 More Day To Halloween,Halloween

Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 More Days To Halloween,Halloween


1 part Licor 43
1 part Orange Curacao
1 part Cream
In a shot glass carefully layer the ingredients to resemble the Halloween candy by pouring them over the back of a spoon. First the Licor 43, then the Orange Curacao, and finally the cream. The 43 will stay on the bottom, the Curacao will nestle above it as it is less dense, and the cream will either stay on or rise back up to the top. Add red and yellow food coloring to the Orange Curacao to make it even more orange, if you really want to make it authentic looking.

2 More Days To Halloween,Halloween

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bikini Girls Read The Big Lebowski

It worked for Star Wars.

3 More Days To Halloween,Halloween

With it being 3 more days to Halloween that reminded me of one of my favorite horror films,Halloween 3-Season of the Witch.

I'm a sucker for "end of the world" scenarios and this one is a doozy.You see,this evil corporation releases these popular masks and keeps running commercials reminding kids to watch the commercial on Halloween night with their masks on for a special surprise.And why you ask?

A lot of people hated this movie because they were expecting some slow walking dork in coveralls to be killing teenagers.That is one of the many things about this film that i love though.Get it?Trick or Treat.The public was tricked and didn't appreciate the wonderful treat they were given.And the ending of the film,to me,goes down as one of the best in horror.Right along side Invasion of the Body Snatchers in down right dread.

3 More Days To Halloween,Halloween.Rent this one and watch the end with your masks on.I dare you.

3 More Days To Halloween,Halloween

The Priscillas
All My Friends Are Zombies

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

101 Books My Son Must Read.

I used to visit a blog called 1001 Rules For My Unborn Son.The blog stopped being updated and i've since stopped visiting but i loved the idea.I still imagine my son reading these posts in my blog in the future to see what i was all about.So with these posts i will specifically be calling out books that he must read.


Lord of the Flies

by-William Golding

Remember that sometimes the Beast is within us all.

4 More Days To Halloween,Halloween

Monday, October 26, 2009

They Are Legend

Brian Setzer

a fucking bad-ass

5 More Days To Halloween,Halloween

This song by the Nekromantix is my favorite Halloween song.Im not to crazy about this fan mad video though.I mean im digging the old time skeletons and graveyard stuff but way to much main stream Disney crap.If i had better editing skills i would make a video but im old and and i like to complain.This is the best version youtube has so here it is kiddies.The Nekromantix with Trick or Treat.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On "Fake" Bands

I was thinking the other day about "fake" bands.They aren't really fake i guess.I mean they are real bands but they are like "joke' bands.I guess Parody band is a better term.That doesn't necessarily make them bad either.I enjoy Gwar,Dread Zeppelin,and Slipknot (LOL).The other day i came across a band called Steel Panther.These guys play a 80's type of glam metal that hearkens back to Poison and Ratt and musically they have the chops.Lyrically they are out of this world.This is one of the most UN P.C. bands i have heard in a long time.I cannot stop listening to them.

It got me thinking of those Burger King commercials with the "fake" band Coq Roq.
I loved the look of the band and the songs, as they were, are o.k. i guess.These commercials got pulled pretty fast because Slipknot sued them for some strange reason?I do dig Slipknot,hell i've seen them in concert like 3 times,but suing this band and Burger King was a pretty douchey move i.m.o.


They Are Legend



One of the most dangerous artists of our time.I was going to spotlight him in Artists You Should Know but to pick five of his pieces to spotlight was threatening my sanity so instead you should seek out this gentleman's work.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Epic Scenes

Just about any film can have a good scene.A camera angle,a line.Sometimes a film will have an epic scene.While not rare,there are films that are full of epic scenes.Pulp Fiction,Goodfellas,The Godfather.And then there are films that are one-long-epic-fucking movie.Seriously,from the opening titles to the final frame.The Road Warrior is an epic fucking movie.Star Wars is too.As is The Warriors.All movies try to pull you into the story in the beginning of the film.Epic movies don't have to try,they do.

Did Somebody Say -"Sexy RollerGirls?"


Monday, October 19, 2009

Drunk Guy Or Zombie?

It takes a while to load but my god!This is either the drunkest guy ever,or the dead walk and want beer!

Zombie Jokes

I *heart* me some Zombies!

get it?

11 Days To Halloween,Halloween

Friday, October 16, 2009

For My Son

Your birthday is this Sunday.You've been in this world 5 years and i want to say how wonderful it is to be your dad.You are my best friend.You make me laugh everyday.You've made me a man.I feel whole.Happy birthday Yoshi,i love you.

Random Cool Picture #32

Thursday, October 15, 2009