Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Defeated Satan (For Now)

So to tie up the loose ends in the story below i did hear back from the seller. He apologized profusely and said to keep the 1st edition Space Hulk AND he would send out the Space Marine game A.S.A.P! Now what? I thanked him and said it really wasn't a problem and we started writing back and forth talking about gaming with our kids (he and his son play Pokemon). Yesterday Space Marine showed up and besides the game box being in slightly beat up shape the game is mint. As in Un-played. As in Un-punched still on the sprues!

So this game from 1989 has made it all the way to my doorstep in 2011 un-punched and un-played. This greatly increases the worth of the game and now a game i bought for $15 could have a resell value of $80 to $110 AND i got a 1st edition Space Hulk that could fetch close to $100.

An hour after opening the box last night and processing all this the guilt became unbearable. I wrote the seller last night and, while not entirely divulging the worth of the games, told him to at least let me pay for the shipping of the first game he let me keep and to consider a price i would be happy to pay for the first game after he did some research.

He wrote me this morning and said "the extra game is fair compensation for your patience and good nature. enjoy!" and declined any offer for paying shipping or otherwise.

So that's that. I should be jumping for joy. Why do i feel like i just received a "tell-tale heart" board game instead?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Satan Is Tempting Me Dear Readers.

Last week i bid on and won a Games Workshop out of print game called Space Marine. Its essentially Warhammer 40k shrunk down to 6 mm high figures, as opposed to the 25 and 28 mm minis. Because of the size you can have more "epicy" battles involving tanks and lots of buildings etc. without spending hundreds of dollars. I won a starter box set for $15 on Ebay.

I got the package yesterday. Space Marine was not inside the box. A long out of print first edition of Space Hulk was.

In the world of Board Game collecting this is akin to winning a vintage red Snaggletooth from Star Wars and receiving the Tall Blue Snaggleooth with the KISS boots!
Generally first edition Space Hulks can sell from $60 up to $150. And i just got one in the mail for $15.

Decisions, decisions..

The seller only has a rating of 4 and while they are all great ratings this is not an every once in a while seller. This seller is a rare if ever seller. Their last transaction was over 12 months ago. And as of now they have no sales pending and nothing listed.

Decisions, decisions..

How does one pack a game in a box(and not just some brown box -when we board gamers sell and trade we generally make our own boxes out of other boxes because the games tend to be weird sized and so the games don't bash around inside or get crushed etc.) and not notice they are packing the wrong game? Then i had visions of some college kid calling his mom and telling her to pack and ship his Space Marine game. She doesn't know a Marine From a Hulk and packs the wrong one. Then i imagine the kid coming home at some point and wanting to play his beloved game and POW!

I have Space Hulk 3rd edition but 1st edition would be an awesome game to have in my collection. Or i could sell it and profit over $100.


I wrote the seller last night. I will give them a few weeks before i decide what i'm gonna do. In the mean time anyone wanna play Space Hulk old-school style?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

C2E2 2011

Well put another "Con" in the bank. We went to C2E2 last Sunday. Had a ball. I didn't buy much this year. I picked up some Alien Kubricks series 2. These are blind boxed so i've been avoiding them but a booth had 3 for $10 so i took a chance and lucked out and got the 3 of the 5 i wanted.
(i got facehugger with ash, Dallas, and the baby alien with 2 eggs. score!)

Retro Outlaw has these, limited to 250, hand painted resin statues of everyone's favorite Droogy Alex.
Oh and by the way each one is signed by MALCOLM MCDOWELL!!! I am still on the fence if i'm going to buy one of these.

Yoshi bought various Hulk, Stormtrooper, and monster figures. And a Terminator (his favorite movie at the moment).

He dressed as a post apocolyptic marauder ala- Fallout, Road Warrior, Borderlands, etc.
Whatever i'm doing as a Dad... I know i'm doing it right.

Anyway, as always, pictures speak better than my words ever could. Here is C2E2 in Chicago-March 2011.

And the highlight of the show for him (and me) was meeting Finn the Human and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. Princess Bubblegum gave him a lollipop that he's built into a sort of shrine in his room.

And here is our hero about 5 minutes after we got in the car.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Saw this on Sunday with the family. I was in love with the first half of this film. The second half was o.k., to bad it just followed the formulaic a-typical movie ending. Its nice to see Johnny Depp out from under the loving camera gaze of Tim Burton once in awhile(who seems to just keep making the same film over and over and over... ). Besides Depp's character and an old "injun" crow, there is not one memorable or likable character in this film. My 6 year old son loved it though, even applauded when Rango would "win" at a fight or pull off a rescue.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Board Game Auction Scores

I am lucky enough to live near a big, knowledgeable, and friendly board game store called Games Plus. They hold two auctions a year where you bring in anything related to Board Games and R.P.G.'S and the store auctions it off for you and the seller in return gets store credit for the amount sold. I've never been to an auction (much less an auction of my true love-BoardGames!)
so to say i was excited is an understatement.

Friday was Family Friendly games, Euros, and Abstracts. Saturday was Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Sunday was miniatures and Terrain. The store opened at 9:00 am with an hour to view everything to be auctioned, with auction starting at 10:00 am. My wonderful wife handed me $200.00 in cash on Saturday and said stay as long as you want. It was on.

This is what was to be auctioned on Saturday. (As always click on the picture for a larger view)

I got my auction number and sat up front. 99% of everything started bidding at $1.00 with no hidden reserves. This is what i won.

Anima;Shadow of Omega- A battle card game that reminds me of the Final Fantasy world. Retail-$16.95 auction price $8.00

Talisman 4th Edition WITH the Fantasy Flight expansion that included miniatures.
Retail-$45.99 and $21.83 respectively, auction price $21.00 for both.

Cosmic Encounter. Retail $45.87 auction price $12.00

Castle Panic a great kids game. Retail $30.00 auction $15.00

Car Wars - Deluxe edition WITH multiple expansions Retail ? No idea as this is long out of print. Auction $22.00

And finally the beast that is Horus Heresy. Retail $99 auction $51.00.

Some of the stuff i didn't win...manuscripts of original Dungeons and Dragons Moduals signed by the authors. Every issue of Dragon Magazine, bagged and near mint. An original Dungeons and Dragons starter set with the die and crayon for the die UNUSED!

I had a ball, got some great games, and made some new friends.

I stayed the hell away for the place on Sunday as they were selling lots that looked like this...

The next auction will be in October.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Reviews, NetflixHell, If Your Gonna Steal.....

If you have read any of my ramblings you've probably noticed i am not a very good writer. Some people start blogging to show of their writing prowess, others are just blessed with the skills to put prose to keyboard. My lack of any kind of writing skill has prevented me from doing reviews. Hell, half the time I'm trying my hardest not to write one long run on sentence. But my friend Frank has changed my mind. He writes the wonderful NetflixHell. A minimalist movie review blog.
Now I'm not inferring he can't write, in fact i think he's a very good writer. What has influenced me is his style of writing. Example- here is his review of The Kids Are Alright.
The Kids Are All Right (2010)
Long term lesbian couple Julianne Moore and Annette Bening's teenage kids track down their biological father, sperm donor Mark Ruffalo. Soon he's infiltrating their perfect Hollywood lesbo lives, much to the chagrin of the dominant partner (Bening). The characters seem like "types", and they all come off one-dimensional despite a talented cast. I didn't laugh when I was supposed to, I didn't cry when I was supposed to, and I didn't learn anything about anyone here. This movie is all right, but only just. This has to be the most overrated film of the year.

Or The Human Centipede.
The Human Centipede: First Sequence (2009)
Neat idea and a great lesson on how effective the power of suggestion can be. Sure, it's got an evil German doctor, bimbo actresses who can't act, and plenty of gore. But what really makes this slightly better than your average horror film is the welcome addition of camp humor, a mainstay of 70s horror. That, and the thought of facial disfigurement, anal tearing, and shit eating.

You see, Frank has shown me i don't need to write a review like Siskel or Ebert. I don't have to list plots or summaries. My reviews will be my impressions. Simple, blunt, and befitting my horrendous writing style. To that wit i saw Crazy Heart yesterday, here dear readers is my first review...

Crazy Heart (2009)
Jeff Bridges plays an old alcoholic "never made it" country music star. It's always a pleasure to watch Bridges and this is no exception. My wife found it strange how an actor who used to be "good looking" has really got the bloated look down for his later year parts. Maggie Gyllenhaal is in this, and much like in Dark Knight i find her face distracting. It makes weird faces, like its made of putty. I also noticed she has no ass. Bridges has to sing in this and its not entirely terrible. Colin Farrel does as well with opposite results. Robert Duvall shows up being Robert Duvall but that's not a bad thing. My wife told me Bridges won an Oscar for this role. Every time i see him it makes me realize how much i love Fisher King and Big Lebowski respectively.

Worth Watching.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From A Galaxy Far, Far, Away...

Check out these Foreign Star Wars Posters.