Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is a single day - the first Saturday in May each year - when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE* to anyone who comes into their stores. *Check with your local shop for their participation and rules. highly recommend this. It promotes reading, but more importantly it forms a bond between parents and kids. I have fond memories of my dad  doing nerdy things with me. Waiting HOURS to see Empire Strikes Back, playing Intellivision games with me, and going to Comic Book stores with me. Take your kids to a local comic store this Saturday. Have fun true believers.

These kids parents never took them to comic book stores.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Slave Leia Car Wash ( heard me)

This past Saturday, there was a car wash event in L.A. It was a car wash staffed by attractive girls in Star Wars costumes, mostly Slave Leia. So basically, for a price, a gaggle of Slave Leias washed your car. The proceeds benefited the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Apparently it was sponsored by G4's Attack of the Show, making it that show's finest moment by a long shot.

I... I don't know what to feel right now. I'm bitterly furious that I didn't get to go to the event, nor was I ever close, but at the same time it's very gratifying to know that I live in a reality where a Slave Leia car wash event can occur. I think, at the very least, I'll sleep a little easier tonight.

Picture and words taken directly from toplessrobot. Because i couldn't have said or added anything to his post except maybe :O

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

C2E2 Recap

We had a blast.Yoshi was especially blown away. He decided to dress as Spiderman. Then he changed his mind to the Hulk. Then at the last minute he decided to be Storm Shadow.
 Once some adjustments were done to his weapon belt by my wife Kristina, we were off to McCormick.
I'm not much of a writer so i will let the pictures speak for themselves. Before that though let me say C2E2 was bigger than the Wizard Worlds i have been to. Everyone was super nice. Especially people in costumes. They were accommodating to everyone taking pictures but they were extra nice to my son when it came to pictures and talking to him.

I also had a "my kid is awesome" moment when he got his first comic signed.*sniff*
The second "my kid is awesome" moment was when he recognized Black Cat.
My brother had to save Yoshi from SGT. Hatred.
One more quick note before i do a photo blitz. At one point Yoshi said "dad look a Ghostbuster!! I want to meet him!" super excited. I looked up and saw this dude dressed as a Ghostbuster and he looked A. in a hurry B. pissed off C. all the above.
I could tell he heard Yoshi as he kept walking and i was getting ready to tell Yoshi he must have been in a hurry but then i saw the dude put a smile on his face and turn around and talk to my son. He even gave Yoshi a Ghostbuster sticker. I don't know who you are dude, but what you did was super cool and you made a kids day even better

Monday, April 12, 2010


I have a huge crush on my wife. As corny as that sounds i do, and have, had a crush on her for 9 years. It's almost cliche now for hot chicks to be tattooed up but 9 years ago, when i first met her, she had a lot of tatts for a cute chick. Huge upper arm tatts too, not bullshit tramp stamps and anklets.
 When i met her she had a modified Playstation with Japanese only games and a copy of the banned game Thrillkill! In her dining room she had on the mantle of her hutch a Vader, Fett, and Stormtrooper mask. She had MAD sewing skills and can kick my/ and anyone else's ass in Tetris or Soulcaliber.
She used to work at Touch N Go records and has a dope vinyl collection. She graduated college.
This is her as a kid dressed as Princess Leia.

She was a bike messenger for a summer just to save money for a Tattoo. She has sang Lita Ford at Karaoke. She runs her own business Rattle Rockers . She knows the difference between D.C. and Marvel.
She can drive stick shift. She gardens. She's super cute and funny and i will always have a crush on her.

My (Simplified) Rules for Warhammer 40K

Your team is one. Your team is one unit. As such, members of your unit must be “at least” 4” from their nearest team member.

If a member becomes “lost” that character may not “move” and or “fight”. It is up to the unit to go and rescue the lost member.

A roll of the die determines which army goes first.

The unit moves into position. This is known as the “moving” phase. Each member can move “up to” 6”. A unit may move “as many” or “as few” members as it wants to. Once the unit is done with the “moving” phase the unit enters the “shooting” phase.

If an opposing member of a unit is
1-      Within your line of site.
2-      Within the distance of your “laser” template.(7” base to base)
 These "laser" templates are actually coffee stirrers.

You may roll to “fire”.

If a “HIT” is rolled you roll for hit points deducted. 

Example- A member has 10 hit points and you roll a 4 it’s 10-4=6. If you roll a 10 the character is dead. If a “MISFIRE” is rolled, you missed.

When you hit an opponent the opponent is given a retaliation shot at you. (Follow same steps as “shooting” phase.
 The rules are the same for using a flamethrower, except use the flamethrower template so casulties could be higher and friendly fire is possible.

Certain characters may opt to instead throw a grenade. To do so first roll the “HIT” die. If “HIT” is rolled place the template directly over the character you chose to throw at.

Anyone in the templates radius is also “hit” by the grenade blast. Roll individually to determine the hit points to minus. If an “arrow” is rolled you then roll a D6 and place the template
1-      That many inches from the throwing characters base
2-      In the direction the arrow is pointing.
3-      Place the template there and anyone within its radius are “hit”.

Note- Friendly Fire is possible so it can be a risky move. Also there is no retaliation from a grenade “hit”.

Certain characters may also attack if they are within 2” of an opposing team member. Roll the “melee” die. If a skull (hit) is rolled you then roll a D6 to determine the amount of hit points to minus. In “melee” a “Hit” character may retaliate from a “hit” and also-If a blank is rolled that is a miss and the opposing member may retaliate ,and If a shield is rolled the attack was blocked and an automatic retaliation is  assumed with no need to roll the “melee” die.

Just a D6 for hit point reduction.

If you want to climb a ladder you roll even-yes, odd- no. When your “above the battlefield your considered a “sniper” and get two rolls during attack phase. (I.E. a second chance, Not shooting a character twice. Also you must be 1” away from the ladder.
 I hope this is helpful,any questions etc. shoot me a line.