Monday, November 30, 2009


I don't know why but when i see someone out in public wearing their pajamas i want to beat the shit out of them.

I'm turning 40 in a few weeks and i keep going from meh to outright panic.

I turned my son on to the Three Stooges the other day and we laughed until it hurt.

I've been in an artist slump as of late. Moving to the burbs and away from the city and the galleries has kinda taken me out of the game. Which is fine i guess. I even packed away some of my supplies. But here's the freaky part. As I've been getting into board games more i have had the desire to paint the mini figures. Well my wife got me Space Hulk (a $100 massively cool game) and these minis are screaming to be painted. So i went to a local Game Workshop and guess what? They have free painting demonstrations. In fact you just go and they let you use their paint and supplies and help you paint all your figures. So every Wednesday i will be going in to paint and hang out with nerdy 14 year olds. Its a good hobby for an old man i guess. Better than me going on some red-corvette-blond-bimbo-drug-fueled mid-life crisis.
I wonder how far this nerd rabbit hole goes?

They Are Legend

Al Jourgensen AKA Alain Jourgensen, AKA Alien Jourgensen, AKA Hypo Luxa, AKA Dog, AKA Alien Dog Star, AKA Buck Satan.

He Did Smuggle Spice...


Thursday, November 26, 2009

These ARE the Droids Your Looking For!

I've started listing some of my Star Wars stuff on Ebay.Check it out HERE

All this and more.Thanks.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Websites You Should Know - DEFTCITY

Ed Reyes is a clothes designer, web designer, photographer, old school head, blue belt Jiu-Jitsu, PS3 gamer, and friend. Check out his site and get some DEF clothes.


Monday, November 23, 2009

They Are Legend



101 Reasons Star Wars is No Longer Relevant To Me (cont.)

87. This is a stereotypical diner cook.

This is a stereotypical diner cook in a galaxy far, far away.

86.In E.S.B. after R2 is spit out by the Dagobah swamp monster, Lukes dialogue has been changed. From "your lucky you don't taste good" to "you were lucky to get out of there".



84.Every time Asoka calls R2-D2 Artoo-ee i die inside.

83.And since when did R2 become a damn Swiss army droid? A lot of his weaponry could have came in useful in the original trilogy.


81.George wrote Anakin saying Yippee! in Phantom Menace. TWICE!

80.In E.S.B. Vader knows the rebellion is on Hoth and names Luke as well.That's all well and good until Lucas re shot the exchange between Vader and the Emperor. Now it looks like Vader is an idiot who couldn't put two and two together. HMMM my name used to be Skywalker and this kid just blew up my space station with the same last name.(Which i knew in the beginning of this film but now i seem baffled by thanks to an idiotic re-write)


Wow George, this was really needed. Maybe your next re edit/cut you can have him wearing an Ed Hardy shirt. Or maybe his mask can be off so you can cut and paste more Temuera Morrison heads on everything.

78.When the game The Force Unleashed was being worked on George had a bright idea.He wrote the story so at the end of the game you kill Vader and essentially don his armor, thus becoming Vader for A.N.H. thru R.O.T.J.

The game designers had to explain to this idiot how bad that would be. How horribly he would alienate the fans. The fact this had to be explained to him is infuriating.

77.This muppets last name is Yowza.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A New Level

So after playing some board games here and there i noticed the dice throwing aspect left something to be desired. It would hit playing pieces or fall off the table. My son had trouble as well with the dice not rolling or falling. Well guess what dear readers? The nerd community has solved these problems and more with Dice Towers! Yep, towers specifically built so now all you do is put your dice in the top and the slanted levels inside make the dice rolls random when they come out the bottom. Something i didn't know existed a month ago was now a MUST HAVE.

The problem is dice towers seem to start at $20 bucks and go up from there. There was no way i would pay $70 for a dice tower.

So i made my own.

Make a dice tower here

So here it is. My dice tower.Made out of foam core. The inside is lined with red felt for a nice dice rolling sound.

So there it is. Not as insane as some homemade ones but not a plain boring one either. I feel like i've reached another level of nerdness. When my wife saw what i had built she said "so you built something to help you do one of the few exercises you do?"

God i love her.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

BRIO Network Toys=I NEED THESE!!!

These are the most wicked-cool toys i've seen in a while. Note to my wife...i Need These!

Americans Can Find Them Here On Amazon

Check Out Their Awesome Home Page


My lovely wife runs a small little business called Rattlerockers. Under this banner she designs and hand makes baby blankets and bags. Her work is amazing and a good, real, alternative to expensive-hipster baby stuff. One day i want to spotlight all her art work but for now here's a look at her blankets.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

101 Books My Son Must Read.


A Clockwork Orange

John Burgess Wilson (pseudonym Anthony Burgess)

Without free will, good or bad, we die.

Monday, November 16, 2009


On Sunday the family and i went to a kids birthday party. A woman showed up and made the most awesome balloon things for the kids. She mad Yoshi a Spider-man because The Hulk would have taken her 20 minutes?!?

(Here's old web head)

So at one point she's making a guitar playing monkey (don't ask) and she says shes "gonna make his left hand do that horn thing, like Dio." Then she turns slowly towards me and says "that's his name right? Dio?" Dumbfounded i just reply "Yes,that is his name." You see my mind was kind of stuck on rewind and skip at the same time because i just kept thinking "what kind of person chooses making balloon things for kids parties as a career AND listens to Ronnie James Dio?"

Answer? The kind of person i want to party with!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Board Games I'm Playing

When i tell people i collect board games it seems peoples knowledge of them ends at Monopoly and Risk. Boardgames have evolved into an amazing, fun thing that, unlike most video games, can be shared and played amongst friends and family. One of my newest games is The Adventurers.

You pick your character and enter a temple filled with treasure and traps. What is so great about the game play is the more treasure you carry, the slower your character moves. Which is bad news in a temple full of rolling boulders and walls closing.

Another great game is Last Night On Earth.

This is the greatest zombie movie you will ever play. One person controls the zombies and the rest are trying to complete the various objectives in the game. As with most all games even when you run out of scenarios you can make up your own. (ala Dungeons and Dragons)

I cant recommend these games enough.I have over 200 board games and i will try to spotlight the cool and unique ones in future posts. Do your self a favor and throw some dice. Your inner nerd misses you.

Artist Spotlight - Carl W. Heindl