Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Artist Spotlight

Artist Ken Kelly rules so hard i would need more space then 5 photos to showcase his awesomeness, so for now I'm just posting his bad-ass Micronaut artwork.i will definitely be posting more of his stuff to come.


Artist Spotlight

Micheal Manning


the Melvins Art Show

What a rad,long,exhausting night!I went to work that morning (out the door at 7 am)for a half day.I left at lunch time and drove in to Chicago.Had tacos at Flash Taco in wicker park then headed to Speakeasy tattoo.Patrick worked on my arm for 4 hours.Grabbed dinner with friends than headed to the Flat Iron Bar to check out the art show my piece was in.All the art was awesome.Everyone really stepped up there pieces and even though these were donations the artists didn't hold back.All proceeds went to the Paul Green School of Rock Scholarship program and we raised $1500.

my piece titled "sludge" all the art can be seen here-http://www.flickr.com/photos/20797735@N06/sets/72157618555325957/

After much drinking we headed to the show (9pmish?)

The Melvins played the first set as the "old" melvins (original drummer Mike Dillard.)Then current drummer Trevor Dunn (bass player for Fantomas, MadLove, Mr. Bungle)stepped up and they performed the album Houdini in its entirety.I'm not gonna go into songs played and technical music crap.Suffise to say if your a fan you know they "brought it".We had a friend dress in a bunny suit with Melvins shirt at the concert handing out fliers to the art show.I was drained physically but happy to be at what i know will be remebered as a special night in the Melvins lexicon.

Friday, May 22, 2009

random cool picture #10

CLUTCH - 'Careful with that Mic' Lyrics

So tell me, when you took the practice scholastic aptitude test
Did you know the answers or did you just guess?
You rely on gimmicks to amuse your fans
And act all urban to jack-up your sound-scan.
What's the matter with you? How come you rhyme monosyllabically?
Is atrophy shrinking your entire vocabulary?
Your style's like garbage cans meant to be taken out on a weekly basis.
Ever since your first record you've been in a state of suspended animation.
You look like snuffaluffagus and australopithecus.
Me cray, you abacus.
But enough about you, let's talk about me
And how single-handedly i redefined the science of radio astronomy,
Making nobel prize winners question their notions of reality.
Oh, but i digress… you play sorry, i play chess.
King's pawn to b3, checkmate, go get some percasets.

Careful with that mic, weezy.
Do you really think it's that easy?

Mmmm… this is really good ice cream! You want some of it?
Oh, my bad i didn't know you were lactose intolerant.
Makes you pass gas, frightens all the girls away.
Only friends you keep are those you pay.
Always on the ready for the wack snack attack,
I carry sandwiches around in a straight-edge style jansport backpack.
Got the gadget q gave bond. Take control of your mind and make you jump in a pond,
Go "quack quack" and flap your arms, leave you confused, but completely unharmed.

Careful with that mic, weezy.
Do you really think it's that easy?
Do you really think it's true
That up above they can't hear you?

Now both you and i know that the past ten years have been rather intense.
I'm ashamed to admit that i've been fooled by the seductions of violence.
People walking around with ugly auras.
At times i'm even tempted to seek the advice of dr. Laura,
But i ignore her.

So i take a deep breath and count to ten,
Ain't gonna let it get under my skin.
Take a deep breath and count to ten.
Think of all the nice places that i been

Like back when i was waging peace against the visigoths,
I was tutored in the ancient mysteries by a wizened philosoph,
Learned the polyrhythm of celestial time,
And wait for the one to come and get it done to finish the rhyme.

Careful with that mic, weezy.
Do you really think it's that easy?
Do you really think it's true
That up above they can't hear you?
[ Careful With That Mic...


Hurst Girl

Growing up with my uncle Bob was cool.He was a gearhead who collected toys and took me to hot rod conventions.Its at one of these conventions that i met my first crush,Linda Vaughn-Hurst girl.She was The HOT ROD mamma of the 60',70's

10 Random Facts

1. I think the simpsons can bring peace to the world.

2. Black velvet art is underrated.

3. Star Wars and KISS made me who i am.

4. Life is beautiful.

5. I've always had a thing for Grover from sesame street.

6. Monkeys rule.

7. I always thought I'd be a rock star when i grew up.if i had i'd be dead by now.

8. I feel like i,ve been 5 different people so far in my life.i like the one i am now the best.

9.Being "cool" is over-rated.

10. At one time in my life i was going to move to Bali and drop out of society.

Truer Words...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Artist Spotlight

rockin jelly bean


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Art Events

Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago will be showing new works by Brian Morris & Mitch O'Connel. The show is called Secret Handshakes.

May 22 - June 7, 2009. Opening Reception Friday, May 22nd, 7-10pm.

Coolest toy store in chicago.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

artist spotlight

pure evil

KISS cards

So me and the family were at target last week and i went to see what star wars trading cards they still had(i'm a dork) and i saw these awesome KISS CARDS!

My son is actually a little KISS fan because we bought him a toothbrush that plays "rock and roll all night" while he brushes.So i grab some packs and they are nice cards,but nothing to go crazy about.So we were at target last night and i grab some more cards for him and then i got one of the variant cards.

Blood cards!

And bloody KISS KISSES.

I got one of each variant and now its taking ever fiber of self restraint to not go spend my check on KISS cards.

tattoo time

"Just confirming your tattoo appointment on Mon May 18 2pm – 5:30pm


Speakeasy Custom Tattoo
Tattoos By Patrick Cornolo
1935 1/2 North Ave.
Suite 235 from inside FlatIron
Chicago, IL 60622

hehehehe.....i'm getting these graffitti style tusken raiders on my inner left arm. Which is the last bit of skin showing on my arms and i am STOKED!!


I finished reading "all quiet on the western front" and it is still haunting me.The author ,who was in WWI,pulls you into the chaos of this wide awake nightmare and depicts what must have been his experience at the age of 18 to be near the front lines.I remember the visceral punch "saving private Ryan" had for alot of people and this packs the same punch.I highly recommend it.

I am trying to re-read all the classics.I've got thru lord of the flies,watership down,clockwork orange,and now all quiet..,theres a reason these books are considered classics.I am dreading moby dick and war and peace though lol.

But next up i got a murakami book i haven't read.(after dark).I think I've read everything that's been translated so far but i found this new one.Murakami is one of my favorite authors and if you ever wanted to know what it would be like to read a dream,pick up his stuff.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

dating on demand

As a service to my 7 wonderful followers i present Trenita. If i wasn't married she would soooo be mine!

AT- AT cake!!!!!!!!

Oh man, words fail me to describe the awesomeness....
from Sin Desserts -

"The legs and base [of the Star Wars AT-AT cake] are wood, covered in gum paste and the cake is the head and body. I was in charge of baking, covering it in fondant and covering the legs with the gum paste. Phil was in charge of the design and base, Dave was in charge of color, Cutter was in charge of accessories (ie: guns), Coryndon was in charge of landscape and Joe was in charge of background. Then they all got together and painted on the details."

"The cake was a new cake for us… the Guiness Cake. and the background was hand painted by Joe. All of the people involved in the cake are artists of some sort and it took (everyone combined) about 60 hours (background painting, leg and body cut outs, covering, cake/covering, assembly and painting) so we figured the cake to come in some where around $5,000 at the low end. I’m sure the bakery could do it faster and cheaper if we ever got a second order for it, but it would still be a bit pricy and it wouldn’t have a custom hand painted background!"

random cool picture #9