Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's Sexy?

Cleavage is a wonderful thing but under boob is something that can't be faked. Big, small? It doesn't matter.

While looking for under boob pictures i found this awesome under boob shot with a girl wearing a towel "man" style. That's pretty fucking sexy too. Under boob WITH a "man" style towel wear? EPIC.

Why are girls wearing socks so sexy? There are whole genres in porn dedicated to girls wearing socks. I prefer the white athletic socks pulled high .

But an argument could easily be made for the frilly ankle socks ( bonus points if worn with shoes like these!)

I don't have any Unsexys today so just turn on Jersey Shore. See those dolled up overtly tan trannys ? UNSEXY.


  1. The wife calls the underboob "clovage" - not sure why, but somehow it works ;-)

    CAPTCHA: "butdo" - seriously.