Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random True Stories

When i was 14 my parents bought a new home in Dolton, Il. The previous owners had thrown a bunch of garbage in the alley behind the garage haphazard and in disarray. One of my chores during our move in was to go in the alley and bag up all the loose boxes and garbage because the garbage men were refusing to pick it up in the state it was in. It was a hot, summer afternoon. I trudged out behind the garage, in cut off shorts and t-shirt, giant black garbage bags in hand to clean the mess.

Weather had damaged many of the boxes and everything smelled like an attic. I was kneeling down and picking up one of the boxes to put in the bags when the bottom of the box ripped open and (from my memory) hundreds of craw fish shells fell on my skinny, naked legs.

To this day, 26 years later and i still am deathly afraid of crabs,lobsters and craw fish.

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