Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random True Stories

I must have been 16 years old or so when me and some friends(Darrin, Darrin's future wife Sue, Ron and me) were out cruising around at night and drinking beer. The "leader" of our group of misfit stoners, Darrin, was driving. There was a long stretch of road near Lake Calumet that was a fun place to drag race or just open up your engine. We ended up there and Darrin punched it. We were nearing 90 miles an hour when we saw a cars lights come on in front of us, not 10 feet in front of us and closing..

Someone must have been parked on the road making out or getting high and tried to warn us we were heading toward them by turning on their lights. Darrin swerved the car to the right and we spun out in a ditch, missing the parked car by feet. A truck was also parked near by and the two dudes (who were also drinking in the truck) saw the whole thing and helped pull our car out of the ditch.

We went back the next morning and, unknown to us in the dark, we were able to see by the tire tracks leading into the ditch that we missed slamming into a telephone pole by inches. Literally inches.

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