Friday, January 22, 2010

Back to Your Heart - Dinosaur Jr.

breathe your air
cut my teeth
bones of a hypocrite that look like me
ashes stain
punk rock dream in a dimebag world
free your family
lose your mind
think about the valley from time to time
bittersweet things i've never been
happy that we left but i would leave again for you
back to your heart
back to your heart
back to your heart
you are the only one
sharing song
i'll wait for you
breathe your air
tend to me
tell me what you want and i'll try to be
all the time
think about the future let the past unwind
you are the shining sun
the summer comes
i leave again
for you
back to your heart
back to your heart
back to your heart

Let me cut in here a the 1990's i was not into grunge. I liked Nirvana as much as the next guy but i saw the copycats and imitators coming a mile away. I had a friend who lived in California and he was sending out tapes of first albums by Soundgarden, Nirvana, Jane's Addiction, etc way before they became popular. Basically stuff that ended up blowing up and becoming big months before Mtv and the masses caught on. A few of those 90's bands fell under the radar for me and i have recently discovered how great Dinosaur Jr. are. My wife had a lot of their early stuff and i was blown away. Seriously i just discovered these guys weeks ago. They are still putting out albums now and without being bombarded by MTV, Pearl Jam, and Flannel i'm able to just listen to these albums for what they are. And i must say they are one of my favorite bands right now. I love the lyrics to this one. So haunting.

My wife's not such a fan anymore because i guess she got teargassed and caught in a all out riot with the police at one of their concerts.

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