Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Randomness

So i had a great new year. Probably went to more parties in a week then i did all year. I also watched my insane friends jump in lake michigan on Jan. 1st. It was so cold it hurt to breathe in the cold air.

January 01 2009 enters the record books as the city's 10th coldest. Its average temperature
of 15.9 degrees ties 1994 as Chicago's coldest January in 16 years.

This insane person is Tracy and she organized this event. Thanks to her for the party. And the frostbite.

Also the night before we went to a party my brother and his girlfriend Jessalynn threw and my son has a huge crush on her and at one point he asked her to dance. It was so cute...

I got to raise a glass with a lot of friends that i haven't seen in a while and That made my New Year great. Much love to Patrick, Kelly, Omar, Cheri, Anne, Debbi,Lulu, Little, Jessalynn, Kevin, John, Michelle, Andrew, Frank, Tracy, Carlo, and of course my wife Kristina and my son Yoshi.

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