Friday, October 9, 2009

The Thrift Store Gods Smiled Upon Me

The other day i had some free time so i cruised to a Salvation Army to check out what was good.When i walked in i saw a woman at the counter putting down a box.I glimpsed the contents of the box and it was stuffed with two Atari 2600 machines and a bunch of games,controllers,and booklets.

She was getting rid of this box of joy!Basically her story was she was pissed at somebody and there collection was going.There loss, my gain.I paid $20 for everything.
This little connector from Radio Shack for $4 will let me hook up the machines to my flat screens.

Last night i played Phoenix,Berzerk,and Maze Craze.


  1. Nice! I sold all my atari stuff years ago at a garage sale. I miss it all, hah!