Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Own Private Heaven

So i was thinking of that film "What Dreams May Come".Essentially it purports that when you die heaven is how you imagine it.Fields of flowers?Check.Flying horses?You bet.Wanna look like Cuba Gooding Jr? Well in your Heaven that all is possible!If this is true I've decided to start archiving images to build my Heaven.Wanna see?

My Heaven is so gonna rock!

I grew up next to a park that had this rocket slide.I practically lived in this thing during the summer.I remember me and my friends would get cokes from McDonald's.Then we would rip the cups inside out and used the waxy inner surface of the cup to wax the slides.By the time we were done the slides were so fast we would fly off of them into hard dirt and rock!This thing needs to be in my Heaven.

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