Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3 More Days To Halloween,Halloween

With it being 3 more days to Halloween that reminded me of one of my favorite horror films,Halloween 3-Season of the Witch.

I'm a sucker for "end of the world" scenarios and this one is a doozy.You see,this evil corporation releases these popular masks and keeps running commercials reminding kids to watch the commercial on Halloween night with their masks on for a special surprise.And why you ask?

A lot of people hated this movie because they were expecting some slow walking dork in coveralls to be killing teenagers.That is one of the many things about this film that i love though.Get it?Trick or Treat.The public was tricked and didn't appreciate the wonderful treat they were given.And the ending of the film,to me,goes down as one of the best in horror.Right along side Invasion of the Body Snatchers in down right dread.

3 More Days To Halloween,Halloween.Rent this one and watch the end with your masks on.I dare you.

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