Friday, October 2, 2009

So Chicago Didn't Get The Olympics....

BIG FUCKING DEAL!!!The Olympic committee (I.O.C.) travels around mooching favors from cities up for the bid,then they decide like they are gods on Mount Olympias which city stroked them enough for the favor??Fuck them.Chicago is a great city.I love it here and put up with the cold and such because its such a great city.I personally didn't want the Olympics.It would have been like a massive cubs game(full of drunk assholes and long traffic).Blame wall street,blame Bush for having us involved in two wars.Blame the worlds perception of America.Don't blame Chicago or Mayor Daley(greatest mayor ever!)I think the monetary gain would have been short lived anyway.I'm insulted that the i.o.c. thinks Madrid or Rio is "better" than Chicago?

The flip side to this is Chicago ,and specifically Cook County, are out of control when it comes to taxes and cost of living in Chicago.My self and my wife couldn't even afford to buy a home in the neighborhoods we helped revitalize.The gentrification of Chicago has all but killed everything that made the city cool in the first place.

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