Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On "Fake" Bands

I was thinking the other day about "fake" bands.They aren't really fake i guess.I mean they are real bands but they are like "joke' bands.I guess Parody band is a better term.That doesn't necessarily make them bad either.I enjoy Gwar,Dread Zeppelin,and Slipknot (LOL).The other day i came across a band called Steel Panther.These guys play a 80's type of glam metal that hearkens back to Poison and Ratt and musically they have the chops.Lyrically they are out of this world.This is one of the most UN P.C. bands i have heard in a long time.I cannot stop listening to them.

It got me thinking of those Burger King commercials with the "fake" band Coq Roq.
I loved the look of the band and the songs, as they were, are o.k. i guess.These commercials got pulled pretty fast because Slipknot sued them for some strange reason?I do dig Slipknot,hell i've seen them in concert like 3 times,but suing this band and Burger King was a pretty douchey move i.m.o.


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