Friday, October 2, 2009

Epic Scenes

The "police chase" scene in THX-1138 is all kinds of awesome.It is still puzzling to me how the director of this and American Graffiti,and Star Wars could fall so far and suck so bad.This scene is from his re-edit with additional scenes.While no where near as horrible as Greedo shooting first or the muppet show live in Jabba's palace ,the scenes added to this film completely remove the claustrophobic feeling of the film.(Lets not even acknowledge him replacing the little people with horrible looking C.G.I. after this chase)Even though George Lucas does everything he can to destroy the art he made as a youngin this scene still is a great chase scene.

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  1. Though I'll be the first to agree that his "reworking" of THX-1138 was pretty much pointless, I do happen to think Lucas showed some restraint. It could have been a lot worse, and honestly, in some places it looks pretty cool. But yeah... pointless.

    As far as "what happened to this guy?" goes, I genuinely think it all boils down to a situation where he did really well when he was forced to make movies with a small budget. Early on he was forced to be clever, and make the best movie he could with a limited budget, but after The Empire Strike Back, that was over for good.

    Once you have all the money in the world, and can afford to candy coat even the biggest turd, you tend not to spend as much time "crafting" a good script, or worrying about style.

    I mean seriously... that car chase in THX is all about style.