Monday, May 24, 2010

More Thrift Store Finds !!

A month or so ago me and the boy were at a thrift store seeing whats good and i found a huge bag of parts for a toy called the Girder and Panel Building System. Salvation Army was asking $2.99 for this whole set pictured.

It's a very cool toy, with a unique building system. But that's not why i bought it. You see, what is in the picture above is left over that i will be listing on Ebay in the next few days( back to this in a second ). I bought the $2.99 bag of Building System to build this:
This is perfect for my Warhammer 40k games. I glued the girders together with Elmer's glue (nothing fancy) then painted everything with Dwarf Bronze by Citadel. As you can see by the pictures i missed some spots but i will fix those eventually. I added rubble and walls and such from just crap i have around for my war-gaming. Eventually i will build ramps and floors that fighters can camp out on or snipe from.

Which brings me to the Ebay thing. My board games and war torn buildings for said games are all over the place. I have put most of my Star Wars collection in storage just to make room for all my gaming stuff. So i am going to sell the remaining girders etc. on Ebay. But..

But, if it doesn't sell i am going to keep this set and build a ginormous building with floors,ramps,lights etc.The build i am picturing will be so big IT will be the playing board. It won't be decoration, It will be THE game.

So i guess we will see. Here's more pictures with Warhammer 40k figures for scale.


  1.! I am going to have to start hitting thrift stores just because of the random loot you have been pulling out the past couple of weeks. I found something similar to that when I was a kid, I think at goodwill though, for a quarter. 'Course, that was back in the eighties. Was no where near as cool when I was finished as yours is.

  2. Oh forgot to that difficult terrain? Heh

  3. Thnx dude.It is a cool piece. Cant wait to make the nerds jealous at my local Games Workshop lol. And i would classify this as difficult-defiantly. In fact the rolls should be harder because of the chance to hit a girder etc. Haven't played 40k in awhile though. Lately its been all Heroquest with my son. Btw i need to find you at boardgamegeek. Man i love that sight! Very cool community and helpful as well. Did you check out the space hulk in your pocket link yet? Its so cool.Someone printed their version and stuck it to magnets,then put the magnets on their fridge.too funny..