Monday, May 10, 2010

I-Phone Apps i Love

The Hipstamatic App turns your I-Phone into a vintage camera. The App lets you use different film, flashes, and lens to take some of the most awesome photos.My wife has been having so much fun with the App she started a blog to showcase her photos.
Here is some info and stuff on the App
Look at these phots i took just messing around with the App the first day i downloaded it.
Yoshi at the park. (Whats also cool is if you forget the combo of lens-film-flash you used your I-Phone tells you when you click on the photo.That's helpful because this next photo was taken same day etc.but with different film,lens, as the Yoshi one.Note the very different results
And again notice the differences of these pictures of my lovely wife and mother in law on Mothers Day.

An amazing App.

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