Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Painted Minis

I love the board game The Adventurers. Gaming snobs have decried the simplicity of the game but i say poo to that. It's an easy to learn "push your luck" game that's perfect to get the family and kids to play. (Board gamers are always looking for the perfect "gateway" game. I.E. a game to get non-gamers to play. This is one of them.) To keep costs down the publisher released the game with unpainted minis. Now I'm not a "paint every mini" kinda guy. In fact some games i like the minis not being painted (Heroquest, Dragonstrike). But this game is so much theme and the minis are to bland and to similar looking on the board.
 Luckily i have "some" skills thanks to all the Warhammer painting I've done but scale wise these minis are way smaller than 40K stuff so i knew it would be somewhat of a challenge. I'm pretty happy with the results and am now going to paint the walls, bridge, and maybe the boulder.
And these look great on the Board. Can't wait to paint that boulder!


  1. Very cool. I have been tempted to paint my Last Night on Earth and Touch of evil characters (zombies can stay as they are), but I have been unenthusiastic about painting for a while now.

  2. I keep flip flopping on my last night on earth minis. I don't know why either.hmmm

  3. The paint looks nice. Those are pretty darn small, but major difference from unpainted.

    How much was this game?

  4. online shops are selling it around $40. Your daughter would have fun with it. Yoshi understands it (he's 5) it just involves simple adding and subtracting.Link to the rules - http://files.boardgamegeek.com/file/download/4dlmksyfbw/AEG-Adventurers-Rules.pdf?