Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Boy i haven't been here in a while. Not a heck of a lot going on i guess. The tumblr blog is gestating nicely. I picked up a complete Heroscape set at Goodwill for $12. I tried to avoid this collectible game but the thrift gods thrust fate upon me and i'm starting to get hooked.

My son has really taken to Taekwondo. He's also retaining the aspects of discipline and obedience to us (his parents) as well as teachers and such. I would highly recommend this to any parents looking to bolster their kids confidence but also instilling respect within them.

Speaking of the little demon...the other day on the car we were on our way to a used book fair and he started requesting his favorite songs on the ipod.(Motley Crue-Come on and Dance, Guns and Roses-Welcome to the Jungle, and M.I.A-Paper Planes. are his favs at the moment.) Since my wife and i have heard the same songs hundreds of times over we said no. He started to plead but i just turned up the song that happened to be playing. (Pat Benatar's Shadows of the Night) He placed his hands over his ears and said "My Goddamn Ears! My Goddamn Ears!" i laughed so much i almost literally puked. And as anyone knows who has kids once they make you laugh they keep going. So my son kept yelling "My Goddamn Ears! My Goddamn Ears!" over and over while i laughed and my wife yelled at us both.

I just finished Assassin's Creed 2. Spoiler alert!!!!!!
Storming the Vatican to assassinate the evil pope has been one of my favorite gaming moments this year.
I also know more about Victorian era Italy than one man living in Illinois needs to.

Chicago's Comicon is coming up in April. Me and the family will be there on Saturday. If anyone is going let me know.

I feel like there was more i wanted to say but i'm blank now......

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