Thursday, March 25, 2010


Man do i have a crush on Torry Castellnao. She's the way underrated drummer for the Donnas.
She's an attractive enough girl but it's the way she rocks that makes me crush her. Hell i think the whole band are as cute as ladybug buttons but she is so ballsy i melt every time i watch her play drums. In fact it was this performance on the Conan O' Brian show that sealed the deal.

For the uninitiated -
All members were born in 1979, They all became friends by eighth grade and formed as a band in May 1993, The only girl band in their town Palo Alta, California, and more specifically...
Before the release of the album Gold Medal, Torry developed tendinitis. In October 2003, she had surgery for it. During her recovery, she had to take drum lessons to re-learn to hold drum sticks the correct way.For Gold Medal, she recorded with her recovering wrists, but could only play for short periods of time.
I just found this. How weird. It's like someone pulled this out of my head...

Try to deny her awesomeness!!! Torry VS. Bun E.

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