Monday, March 1, 2010


Sometimes i feel bad about the various things i collect. Collecting is a somewhat selfish act. My family could care less about the "blue jumpsuit-Kiss boots" Snaggletooth. They don't get the same warm feeling i get from the 12" Alien figure or finding a Saved by the Bell board game at a thrift store. Whenever i start to feel silly about what i collect i think of the things i would like to collect if money and (more importantly) space weren't an issue.

Tabletop Video Games
When i was a kid this was the next best thing to being at the arcade. Remember, i come from a generation that was on the cusp of the home video game systems. I remember these being really expensive as a kid and they are equally expensive now. The design of these are so beautiful. I realize this is absurd but i like, and have bought, things strictly because of the design. Much like the next thing i would like to collect..

Hand Held Video Games
Most of these are garbage. It's the design that i love. Especially handhelds that have the futuristic 1970's look.
I collect board games and i have even purchased utter crap ones strictly based on the design.

They made a board game for Berzerk!! How dope is that !

Transferring these video games to board game form took brilliant ingenuity in design and function. Whats great is most of these are considered crap so they can be had somwhat cheaply at garage sales/thrift stores.
Since i have a theme going here, the other thing i would love to collect are..

 Skate Decks
How dope are these. Look at those hand held ones! Fucking killer. The board company i actually like a lot is Hook-Ups. My wife bought me one of their boards a few Christmas's ago.

I'm a sucker for pretty much anything design wise from the 1970's. This book has more amazing photos of bubble chairs and shag sofas than you can shake a hippie at.

What's always appealed to me is not just 70's style but what designers in the 60's and 70's thought the future would look like. It's 2010! Where are my orgy couches and bubble t.v.s!

If your saying to yourself,"self, what does this crazy bastard collect then?" Come back for part 2 where i will show you.


  1. What does this crazy bastard collect then?

    I love handhelds. They used to be soooo easy to find for the longest time, and now I rarely see them. Tabletop games are another matter. I kick myself for not picking up a few when I had a chance... "back in the day." They're all as rare as a leprechaun riding a unicorn now. (I saw a smashed Ms. Pac-Man at a thrift store a while back and almost cried.)

  2. "They're all as rare as a leprechaun riding a unicorn now."
    That's the quote of the day. BTW check out htis site for awesome handheld stuff-