Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Thoughts On Music

So there's a video game based on Dante's Divine Comedy and more specifically on Inferno and the 9 circles of Hell. I think it's as ridiculous as it sounds. It's like making Moby Dick an R.P.G. or Lord of the Flies a F.P.S. Then i saw this commercial..

It gives me chills. But why?
It's the song playing. Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Wither. It's the juxtaposition of this sad love song from the 70's playing while this person fights for his love. If it were a Megadeth song or a Wu Tang song it wouldn't work for me. Its the "not fitting" that fits and its genius. It reminds me of the video i posted earlier of the anime masterpiece Metropolis and the soul crushing transformation scene, while Ray Charles sings I Can't Stop Loving You.

Other people probably get the same charge out of scenes where they play aggro metal while guys fight. I get that and i can get behind this as well, i guess.

But would the Dante's Inferno clip been as haunting with aggro-metal playing? No Way.

To prove how music can set the mood someone put sinister music with the opening of Different Strokes.

Wow that's scary!

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