Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Collecting 3

To recap...
1. Moved to suburbs.
2. Lucas ruins Star Wars for me.
3. Art production to zero.
4. Stops collecting Star Wars, starts collecting board games.
5. Gets into Space Hulk.
6. Which leads to Warhammer 40k.

So every Wednesday i go to Games Workshop and sit around with 15 year olds painting minis. As sad as it seems I've really enjoyed it. So here is some of the stuff I've made and painted. These are the Blood Angels from the board game Space Hulk.
I then started building and painting a "City of Death". This has been beyond fun.  I also "simplified" the rules for Warhammer 40 k so my son and me can play without remebering a million stats and spells etc.
I even found a shelf at a thrift store to hold my Figures. It originally was a shelf for golf balls. I don't know what's sadder. That someone, somewhere had a shelf with divets in it to hold his golf ball collection. Or that i now own it and have miniature army men i paint on it.


  1. I have, off and on, been quite interested in playing Warhammer 40k, would you, mayhap, be able to share these simplefied rules? I have played, with some success, other mini wargames, but 40k just seems...mindboggling.

  2. No problem, no matter how many in a squad they all have to be within 6" of each other. So on player 1's turn he moves his squad.Everyone on the squad can move up to 6".Once everyone is moved they can attack if they are 1- within 8" and 2- in the playing pieces line of sight. (i cut out templates for all the rulers,the line of sight rulers are just popsicle sticks i colored red and green). I use the scatter dice for shooting. If it says HIT, it's a hit. A player gets hit twice and they are dead. Basically that's it. It is a simplified version for my 5 year old. as he gets older i will incorporate a "melee" rule for close combat and a grenade rule (with templates. I hope that helps in the short term. I will try to photograph and label a session and post soon.Thanks for reading!

  3. Sweet! That's actually really helpful, and reminds me of the way my brother and I used to play "Army Men" in the yard. I am trying to do something similar with my kids, but I am handicapped when it comes to making up house rules. I can modify the bejeepers out of a system I knwo well, but coming up with something like that? Not possible with my brain.

  4. cool,I am getting ready to post a better,more fleshed out set of rules and maybe even with pictures. stay tuned.