Monday, February 15, 2010

What's Sexy?

So the I.T. guys are doing computer backups this week so i guess i should purge all the inappropriate stuff from my drive. To help when writing this blog i have folders separated with titles like "art" "star wars" "g.i.f.s" and "sexy". So here's all the crap in my "sexy" folder. Some i remember what i liked about the pictures. Others I'm baffled about.This first set is funny because i didn't think you could like something and like the exact opposite just as much. Example..
Fat Juicy Assess.
And just as much love for Skinny Hard Tiny Butts

Nothing makes me happier than seeing either butt framed out in a pair of "Drop Bottom" pajamas.
Girls that play Video Games! I was hanging out with a girl once and later found out i blew my chance because i was playing her Atari 2600 rather than join her in the shower. Also when i met my wife i knew she was the one for me because she had a Modified P.S.1 that could play Japanese games AND she owned Thrillkill!
Girls with guns. Is it the power? The phallic implications? I don't know but it drives me wild watching girls kick ass with guns.

And this picture? Sexiest thing I've ever seen on the internet.

Not sexy? Girls wearing Uggs. At least go the whole way and wear some furry Barbarella/Chewbacca boots.

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