Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Websites You Should Know

I consider myself thoroughly jaded and desensitized to most sex and violence. Name it and there's a good chance I've seen it. This NSFW picture blog continues to shock and awe me. ULTRAVIOLENCIA

I love me some vintage 1970's goodness. Until they invent a time machine Paco Camino is your resource for vintage ads, music, culture.

I am usually pretty proud to say I'm a nerd. Certain nerds are so cool they make it easier for me to hold my head high. Darius Whiteplume is one such nerd. Check out Advetures in Nerdliness and from this starting point peek at the other 50 or so nerd blogs he runs.

One more thing.

When i find a blog i like i read the whole thing. Give i a try. You never know what you may have missed. If a blog is really old just read until you need to stop and then bookmark the page you stopped on so you can continue at a later time.

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