Monday, February 8, 2010

Random True Stories

I had a dream i was in an airplane hangar in the middle of the desert. There was a party going on that reminded me of a early 90's rave. At the end of the hangar was another hangar, except older, more serene. The hangar had holes in the ceiling and rays of sunlight reflected dust in the air. At the end of this airplane hangar were stairs and it was then i realized this was death and beyond the hangar and up the stairs was heaven.

I was relieved i couldn't remember my death and for a moment thought about going back to the "rave" hangar to celebrate life but curiosity took hold and i had to know what heaven held for me.

As i neared the stairs an older African guy in traditional tribal wear stood in front of me crying. He seemed so sad and he kept looking at my hand. I looked down at my right hand and saw a snake wrapping tightly around my arm and biting my hand on the webbing between the thumb and index fingers.

When i woke up the webbing between said fingers was red and sore.

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