Thursday, September 17, 2009

Websites You Should Know is my new favorite site.Its the nets #1 resource for all things board game.Since my falling out with star wars and more specifically, with lucas and the clone wars,i started collecting board games.While searching for info on Heroquest i came upon this wonderful site.All the games are categorized by type,popularity,genre,etc.They have fan written reviews, which anyone can write.They have people write about play sessions.They also help with rules,finding parts,some game designers are members,they list ebay sales as well as run there own sell and trade options.The people are way friendly and even though I'm a huge noob i am never made to feel like one.They also have these awesome lists that are fan written like THE MOST OVERPRODUCED GAMES OR LAST GAME PURCHASED,THAT YOU is the most informative ,friendly, deep , site when it comes to board games and its super fun even if you don't geek out gaming.I cant tell you how much i adore this site.Poke around a bit and enjoy!MY BOARDGAMEGEEK PAGE KENCHAN13

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