Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Epic Scenes

This lightsaber battle is by far the best of the series and one of the most epic scenes in a film full of them.I prefer this fight as apposed to the new "flipping thru the air aerobic style" lightsaber fights OF the inferior prequels.This battle has weight.It is Luke's first meeting with Vader,the man who killed his father.Watch the way Vader's red blade just appears when Luke draws his blade.Watch how Vader pushes him down one handed style with his blade.Listen to the soundtrack swell and ebb.Watch Mark Hamill act his ass off (fuck the haters Hamill rules!)

My friend Jeremy works with me and he was walking by my office and heard the sabers so he popped in and i was explaining my post and he made a case for the lightsaber finally in return of the Jedi.That is probably my second favorite and definitely an epic fight.Watching Luke push Vader back and give in to his anger after Vader teases he may turn Leia to the dark side is truly epic.the camera pans left as the music swells and the shadows play against the background.

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