Monday, September 14, 2009

F*!K Them!

Kanye ,you are an asshole.I am erasing the 2-3 songs i found by you on my ipod.I let it go when you acted like you single handily got President Obama elected.I also let the whole "I'm making music so out there people don't get it" thing go.Dude,you added your rap to a daft punk song.But your arrogance never really bothered me,but dude,that shit you pulled was wrong.I don't know who Taylor Swift is and i sure don't watch mtv but i saw what you did this morning on the net.What a shitty fucking thing to do to someone who as far as i can tell didn't deserve it.I remember when Old Dirty Bastard did it to Puff,and i loved when Tim Bob from Rage Against The Machine did it to Limp Bizkit but Taylor Swift???Wow do you fight injustices of the world everywhere or just at strok-a thons on mtv?

You lying,money hungry,skeleton looking ghoul!You sold the image of you dead husband so a video game company can make him dance around to Bon Jovi songs?If theres a hell there will be a special place for your Ghoulish, money grubbing, no talent,sellout,husband killing, poseur of a self.

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