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The first time i started playing this game i thought it sucked.It was unlike anything i played before and i had just come off of playing splinter cell.So i was going from an "open world finish the mission how you want" game to an "on the rails" shooter.I picked up KILLER 7 at a Target for $11.After playing it that first time i thought i wasted $11.A couple weeks went by and i gave it another try.I would say now i would list this in my top 5 video games of all time.

Ive been gaming since my first Atari and Intellivision days.I now have a Playstation 3,2,Sega Dreamcast,and Nintendo WII and 64 all hooked up in my art studio.This game was first released on the Gamecube.It was later released on the Playstation 2.You can find the game pretty cheap i think.The game sold poorly but luckily the studio, SUDA51,continued to make games.They made No More Heroes for the WII that i will pick up eventually.Hell,i would by just about anything SUDA51 put out,that's how good KILLER 7 was.

GameSpot's Best and Worst of 2005
Best New Character (Harman Smith)
Most Innovative Game
Best Story
Best GameCube Game
Most Outrageous Game
Dubious Honors Nominations
Most Gratuitous Use of F------ Swearing
IGN's The Best of 2005 - GameCube awards
Best Adventure Game
Best Story
Best Game No One Played
GameCube Game of the Year
Most Innovative Design
Best Artistic Design
Fourth place in IGN's Top 10 Tuesdays: Underrated and Underappreciated Games [19]
Nintendo Power Awards 2005
Best New Character
Best Sound/Voice acting
Best Graphics
Best Adventure Game
Best New Concept
Best Story/Writing
Best Cut-scenes
Best "Holy Crap" moments
In 2007, killer7 was named 20th best GameCube game of all time in IGN's feature reflecting on the GameCube's lifespan. In 2008, Game Informer named the game one of the top ten weirdest of all time.

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