Tuesday, April 28, 2009

micheal jackson auction part 1

so micheal jackson had to auction all his neverland crap off.Paulscheer went and photographed the items.his flickr here-http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulscheer/3478400715/in/set-72157617373340442/.
i included some of my favorite comments from the masses.

"What is the girl with the pigtails sniffing? "

"So, at first I thought the girl with the uplifted skirt was wearing thigh highs and no undies. Anyone else see that subliminal message? Or is being disturbed contagious? Am I too far gone?? ...help... "

"This makes baby Jesus cry."

"It's like one of those rickety signs which swing from a creaking rusty chain in many a horror film. "Don't go in!" you shout at the actors but alas they can never hear you. "

"Okay DNA tests on all those statues! I'm sure thats where half the missing children in the US are....."

"That painting contains clues to finding Michael Jackson's lost gold."

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