Tuesday, April 28, 2009

micheal jackson auction part 2

"While I get the connotation, I find the reality of this WAY funnier. Michael Jackson STILL had a fancy Virtual Boy setup?"

"I guess when REAL boys aren't available..."

"Is this a deleted lyric from Steve Millers "The Joker"? "

"I feel as if there was a "'sha'mon!" on that last line that was painted over. "

"holy crap..!!!!!!!!!!!!! this poem is either a confession..or coercion. "

"I'd like the Children of the World with a side order of fries. Oh, and I guess some little smokies. "

"children of the world . . . on the menu?! "

"That baby's putting an old Italian curse on you."

"dear god. you've got to wonder what the turn over rate was for the housekeeping staff. all the weird shit you've got to dust and it's all giving you the evil eye "

"the price of gold is at an all-time high! what, cash4gold wasn't good enough for mj? "

"He should've commissioned himself as frozen Han Solo "

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