Friday, April 24, 2009

agenda?i don't even know her!

i'm not a writer.i'm a reader.i fly thru books at superman like rates.i can go to bookstores and the employees know me by name.on my nightstand at home are the following;american psycho(re-reading for like the 4th time),all quiet on the western front(i just finished it and it is a masterpiece,more intense than private ryan!)star wars darksaber(just starting this one.its kevin anderson so it should be epic)

let me jump to another topic real quick-

on myspace i belong to a group of people i call friends.this group is an amazing assortment of nerds,geeks,and dorks.i LOVE this group!a few of them were nice enough to give me feedback and a complaint/critique was my spelling and run-on sentences.i started this blog too share shit i find thats cool,funny,interesting etc.i wanna keep it light.but,it should be dear readers(if there are any of you besides my wife kristina and my dear friend meg)i will attempt to make this as readable as possible.i will spellcheck my ass off!(i was gonna make this whole post a run on sentence and then figured kristina and meg wouldnt get it.)

so my friends,i will try to be as "readable' as possible.but remember...i'm not a writer.


  1. Well, I didn't marry you for your spelling abilities. You even had your middle name spelled wrong on our wedding invitations. That was the last time I ever asked you to spell anything, and we're a better couple for it!

  2. It's funny, but a few years back I started writing about toys and other bits of distraction, because I felt as though I'd kind of let my writing skills (what little I had) dry up a bit.

    Like anything else, you learn by observing how other people do something, and then practice it yourself. Add your own personality to what you're doing, and try to have fun... don't make it "work."