Monday, April 27, 2009


i think i'm gonna be $500 lighter.i went to the comic store saturday.i knew the new issue of star wars dark times came out and i wanted to get my hands on it.they have vintage marvel star wars at this shop but i've avoided re-collecting these for 2 reasons.1-when i was a kid i plunked done my allowance every month for these and even as akid i knew the inside art work was HORRIBLE!people and objects size never related to each other.everyone had these hard,square superman jaws.freakin bunny bounty hunters!luke looked like one of the allman brothers.can i stress how bad the art is?2-the shop charges $4-$5 an issue.there were like 120 issues.but like everytime i've gone previous i looked at them anyway.and then i saw this issue in the box.

i remembered this issue.leia is trapped somewhere hiding and fighting the empire lone-wolf style.and as bad as the inside art was the covers(like almost every comic in the world) were i plunked down my $5 for this issue thinkin "i'll only buy the issues with covers i like."

i think i'm gonna be $500 lighter.

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