Friday, March 25, 2011

Satan Is Tempting Me Dear Readers.

Last week i bid on and won a Games Workshop out of print game called Space Marine. Its essentially Warhammer 40k shrunk down to 6 mm high figures, as opposed to the 25 and 28 mm minis. Because of the size you can have more "epicy" battles involving tanks and lots of buildings etc. without spending hundreds of dollars. I won a starter box set for $15 on Ebay.

I got the package yesterday. Space Marine was not inside the box. A long out of print first edition of Space Hulk was.

In the world of Board Game collecting this is akin to winning a vintage red Snaggletooth from Star Wars and receiving the Tall Blue Snaggleooth with the KISS boots!
Generally first edition Space Hulks can sell from $60 up to $150. And i just got one in the mail for $15.

Decisions, decisions..

The seller only has a rating of 4 and while they are all great ratings this is not an every once in a while seller. This seller is a rare if ever seller. Their last transaction was over 12 months ago. And as of now they have no sales pending and nothing listed.

Decisions, decisions..

How does one pack a game in a box(and not just some brown box -when we board gamers sell and trade we generally make our own boxes out of other boxes because the games tend to be weird sized and so the games don't bash around inside or get crushed etc.) and not notice they are packing the wrong game? Then i had visions of some college kid calling his mom and telling her to pack and ship his Space Marine game. She doesn't know a Marine From a Hulk and packs the wrong one. Then i imagine the kid coming home at some point and wanting to play his beloved game and POW!

I have Space Hulk 3rd edition but 1st edition would be an awesome game to have in my collection. Or i could sell it and profit over $100.


I wrote the seller last night. I will give them a few weeks before i decide what i'm gonna do. In the mean time anyone wanna play Space Hulk old-school style?


  1. Send him back your 3rd edition and a thank you note... just kidding. Yeah, smells like someone put the wrong thing in a box and mailed it off. I had a mix up with two items that I'd sold a few years ago... thank god the buyers where cool and mailed each other their boxes. (Very embarrassing.) I'm sure he'll appreciate your honesty.

  2. You are a good person for writing to see if this was an error. Sucker!!. Just kidding.