Monday, March 14, 2011


Saw this on Sunday with the family. I was in love with the first half of this film. The second half was o.k., to bad it just followed the formulaic a-typical movie ending. Its nice to see Johnny Depp out from under the loving camera gaze of Tim Burton once in awhile(who seems to just keep making the same film over and over and over... ). Besides Depp's character and an old "injun" crow, there is not one memorable or likable character in this film. My 6 year old son loved it though, even applauded when Rango would "win" at a fight or pull off a rescue.


  1. I heard from one parent I know that it was terrible. I usually do not trust other peoples opinions, so I filed it under "whatever". Not surprised by your own assessment, but at least it may be mildly entertaining.

    Although, that really isn't good enough anymore. Are we letting the animation and CGI abilities in movies replace poor writing and original stories & characters.

  2. Exactly. The film is amazing to look at. Great cinematography etc. But the "plot" even by kids film standards is week and predictable.