Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Board Game Auction Scores

I am lucky enough to live near a big, knowledgeable, and friendly board game store called Games Plus. They hold two auctions a year where you bring in anything related to Board Games and R.P.G.'S and the store auctions it off for you and the seller in return gets store credit for the amount sold. I've never been to an auction (much less an auction of my true love-BoardGames!)
so to say i was excited is an understatement.

Friday was Family Friendly games, Euros, and Abstracts. Saturday was Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Sunday was miniatures and Terrain. The store opened at 9:00 am with an hour to view everything to be auctioned, with auction starting at 10:00 am. My wonderful wife handed me $200.00 in cash on Saturday and said stay as long as you want. It was on.

This is what was to be auctioned on Saturday. (As always click on the picture for a larger view)

I got my auction number and sat up front. 99% of everything started bidding at $1.00 with no hidden reserves. This is what i won.

Anima;Shadow of Omega- A battle card game that reminds me of the Final Fantasy world. Retail-$16.95 auction price $8.00

Talisman 4th Edition WITH the Fantasy Flight expansion that included miniatures.
Retail-$45.99 and $21.83 respectively, auction price $21.00 for both.

Cosmic Encounter. Retail $45.87 auction price $12.00

Castle Panic a great kids game. Retail $30.00 auction $15.00

Car Wars - Deluxe edition WITH multiple expansions Retail ? No idea as this is long out of print. Auction $22.00

And finally the beast that is Horus Heresy. Retail $99 auction $51.00.

Some of the stuff i didn't win...manuscripts of original Dungeons and Dragons Moduals signed by the authors. Every issue of Dragon Magazine, bagged and near mint. An original Dungeons and Dragons starter set with the die and crayon for the die UNUSED!

I had a ball, got some great games, and made some new friends.

I stayed the hell away for the place on Sunday as they were selling lots that looked like this...

The next auction will be in October.


  1. I'm overwhelmed. Not sure what I find the most awesome... the fact that there's a place where you can auction off games for store credit, or the fact that the Mrs. handed you $200 to spend. I'd have blown it on the old D&D stuff. Do they ever have any vintage lead figure sets? Oh my god, I'm glad that place is far away from me.

  2. Lol, Not to entice you but they have a 20' wall just full of lead DND type figures. And the sculpts they can do now are amazing. If your ever in the area its a cool place to visit...