Monday, April 12, 2010

My (Simplified) Rules for Warhammer 40K

Your team is one. Your team is one unit. As such, members of your unit must be “at least” 4” from their nearest team member.

If a member becomes “lost” that character may not “move” and or “fight”. It is up to the unit to go and rescue the lost member.

A roll of the die determines which army goes first.

The unit moves into position. This is known as the “moving” phase. Each member can move “up to” 6”. A unit may move “as many” or “as few” members as it wants to. Once the unit is done with the “moving” phase the unit enters the “shooting” phase.

If an opposing member of a unit is
1-      Within your line of site.
2-      Within the distance of your “laser” template.(7” base to base)
 These "laser" templates are actually coffee stirrers.

You may roll to “fire”.

If a “HIT” is rolled you roll for hit points deducted. 

Example- A member has 10 hit points and you roll a 4 it’s 10-4=6. If you roll a 10 the character is dead. If a “MISFIRE” is rolled, you missed.

When you hit an opponent the opponent is given a retaliation shot at you. (Follow same steps as “shooting” phase.
 The rules are the same for using a flamethrower, except use the flamethrower template so casulties could be higher and friendly fire is possible.

Certain characters may opt to instead throw a grenade. To do so first roll the “HIT” die. If “HIT” is rolled place the template directly over the character you chose to throw at.

Anyone in the templates radius is also “hit” by the grenade blast. Roll individually to determine the hit points to minus. If an “arrow” is rolled you then roll a D6 and place the template
1-      That many inches from the throwing characters base
2-      In the direction the arrow is pointing.
3-      Place the template there and anyone within its radius are “hit”.

Note- Friendly Fire is possible so it can be a risky move. Also there is no retaliation from a grenade “hit”.

Certain characters may also attack if they are within 2” of an opposing team member. Roll the “melee” die. If a skull (hit) is rolled you then roll a D6 to determine the amount of hit points to minus. In “melee” a “Hit” character may retaliate from a “hit” and also-If a blank is rolled that is a miss and the opposing member may retaliate ,and If a shield is rolled the attack was blocked and an automatic retaliation is  assumed with no need to roll the “melee” die.

Just a D6 for hit point reduction.

If you want to climb a ladder you roll even-yes, odd- no. When your “above the battlefield your considered a “sniper” and get two rolls during attack phase. (I.E. a second chance, Not shooting a character twice. Also you must be 1” away from the ladder.
 I hope this is helpful,any questions etc. shoot me a line.


  1. Terrific stuff! I already tried the (even simpler) rules you posted for my other comment, and my daughter had a riot. She also humiliated me. Maybe I can defeat her with flamethrowers...

  2. Awesome! LOL .As my son gets better we slowly will amp up the rules to include grenades and melee etc. BTW have you been to
    Amazing site,the best really when it comes to board games etc.

  3. Yeah, I did go there. Pretty cool stuff!Round 2 is tonight, will probably have another gaming report on my blog for my (hopefully not catastrophic) loss to my daughter.