Monday, April 12, 2010


I have a huge crush on my wife. As corny as that sounds i do, and have, had a crush on her for 9 years. It's almost cliche now for hot chicks to be tattooed up but 9 years ago, when i first met her, she had a lot of tatts for a cute chick. Huge upper arm tatts too, not bullshit tramp stamps and anklets.
 When i met her she had a modified Playstation with Japanese only games and a copy of the banned game Thrillkill! In her dining room she had on the mantle of her hutch a Vader, Fett, and Stormtrooper mask. She had MAD sewing skills and can kick my/ and anyone else's ass in Tetris or Soulcaliber.
She used to work at Touch N Go records and has a dope vinyl collection. She graduated college.
This is her as a kid dressed as Princess Leia.

She was a bike messenger for a summer just to save money for a Tattoo. She has sang Lita Ford at Karaoke. She runs her own business Rattle Rockers . She knows the difference between D.C. and Marvel.
She can drive stick shift. She gardens. She's super cute and funny and i will always have a crush on her.

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  1. Just found this: this is an awesome post, hope you always feel this way about your wife. Congrats! -jim