Tuesday, April 20, 2010

C2E2 Recap

We had a blast.Yoshi was especially blown away. He decided to dress as Spiderman. Then he changed his mind to the Hulk. Then at the last minute he decided to be Storm Shadow.
 Once some adjustments were done to his weapon belt by my wife Kristina, we were off to McCormick.
I'm not much of a writer so i will let the pictures speak for themselves. Before that though let me say C2E2 was bigger than the Wizard Worlds i have been to. Everyone was super nice. Especially people in costumes. They were accommodating to everyone taking pictures but they were extra nice to my son when it came to pictures and talking to him.

I also had a "my kid is awesome" moment when he got his first comic signed.*sniff*
The second "my kid is awesome" moment was when he recognized Black Cat.
My brother had to save Yoshi from SGT. Hatred.
One more quick note before i do a photo blitz. At one point Yoshi said "dad look a Ghostbuster!! I want to meet him!" super excited. I looked up and saw this dude dressed as a Ghostbuster and he looked A. in a hurry B. pissed off C. all the above.
I could tell he heard Yoshi as he kept walking and i was getting ready to tell Yoshi he must have been in a hurry but then i saw the dude put a smile on his face and turn around and talk to my son. He even gave Yoshi a Ghostbuster sticker. I don't know who you are dude, but what you did was super cool and you made a kids day even better

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