Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shame and Pride part 2

So this turned into a monster.I was going to pick 5 bands on my ipod that i should be ashamed i own and that would be it.My list was near 30 when i knew i had to re-evaluate my parameters.Right away i knew i had to pick music that the general public would view as lame but also be unexpected that i would listen to it.

Example-i am a 39 year old married father of one.I am tattooed pretty heavily.My heads shaved.Ive been told i look intimidating.I love George Micheal's music.

I had to eliminate music i had for cheese value.Turbonegro,Journey,my Star Wars xmas album, hair metal...

I also didn't include experimental stuff because I'm not ashamed that I'm a particular bands only fan.see-Sunn o))), Earth, anything involving Mike Patton.

So i got a nice list of about 20 that are bands i love and i guess saying ashamed isn't the right word...put it this way.If a friend walked in while i was rocking to any of these bands it would be akin to a friend walking in on me masturbating.Here we go-

Since George is already out of the bag, lets start there.In the late 80's early 90's i was a headbanger.Not only was i METAL!I was angry METAL!Long hair,bullet belts,inverted crosses,spikes?Yep. Every Wham album?Yep.Damn he has a voice.(Let me add- after the performance he and Queen put on at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert, its a travesty he didn't join Queen and put out new albums.)I can only imagine the shit i would've endured had my Wham secret had got out.I would have had to change schools.

Not bad enough?How about Paris Hilton?I really only like the "Stars are Blind" song but i REALLY like that song!Her whole album should have followed the laid back white girl does reggae vibe of "Stars..".Her cover of "Do Ya Think Im Sexy' ain't bad but Revolting Cocks did a better version.

(Got a funny caption for this photo?Please put it in the comment section.Best one i came up with?"when at the beach, its recommended you keep your keys,wallet,suntan lotion,blackberry,iphone,ipod,makeup,and i.d's on your person at all times")

to be continued....


  1. Paris: "I wonder if I've caught any crabs yet?"

  2. Jimmy Hoffa found live in Paris!