Thursday, August 27, 2009

Music Videos of Relevance

A few years ago i was really falling out of love with metal.Everything just seemed to cheesy.Fucking bands started "limp bizkiting out" and younger bands were mixing crunk and rap with death metal.Feeling my age it left me confused, angry, and scared.Underground hip hop and electronic and house were all i seemed to be listening to.One afternoon some cable channel was playing metal videos so i watched a few and was so disgusted.It all went similar to this....

That is FUCKING HORRIBLE!!!!Seriously.I was reaching for the remote when the video below started to play.It saved metal for me that day.It also opened me into exploring and finding bands such as Neurosis,Isis,Sunn o))),Earth,Buried at Sea,etc.

Metal hadn't become a bunch of wuss emo crabcore crap.Sure the popular metal was fucked but metal, True metal (like true hip-hop) had gone back underground.Thank you Celtic Frost.In high school i was never really into you(i was already into Venom,Slayer,etc.)but you saved metal for me.

Celtic Frost - A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh- Directed by Jessie Fischer

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