Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So i just got back to work after cruising to toysrus to get the new batman game.they have a pretty sweet deal today.You sign up for their rewards program (its free) and you get a $30 gift card when purchasing the game.I got there a little early and there were a bunch of scalpers there waiting to pillage the action figures.I heard them talking about which chase figures they were hoping to score.So me being me, as soon as the doors opened i beat them to the action figure line and i would have grabbed all their pulls but stock was low.

My work production is shite cause all i can think about is playing this tonight.


  1. This is why I never send you to the store for anything. Only in the minds of men can an innocent trip to the toy store become a battle for social come-uppance!

  2. heh.people are lucky old west rules dont apply anymore.