Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i'm a kid of the 70's. star wars and KISS defined me so much its hard for me to remember what i played and obsessed about before these two titans of culture. but i do remember. MARX playsets! god , i had alot of these! my favorite was the guns of the navarone set. the epic battles that i had...

side story-every xmas my grandma bought me a brutt cologne set.i don't know what 7 or 8 year old needs to smell like brutt but like clockwork i got a set every xmas.my friend charlie made me hip to the fact they were flammable and from that point my battles included lots of fire.now back to the main story-

so this one battle in particular was epic.it seems the nazis opened a time hole and brought the confederate army AND dinosaurs to fight the americans! certain parts of the hill were ablaze with fire.(this particular battle was being waged in my driveway not indoors,i was dumb not stupid)i remember the brutt would kinda burn it self out before it spread or caught something else. i was surprised when my mom came home later and busted me for playing with fire.i couldn't figure out how she knew. i asked her and she pointed out the toxic/plastic cloud hanging over my driveway.

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  1. All kids in the '70s played with fire. I used to hang model planes from a string, soak them in lighter fluid, and light them up. Did it with a few Star Wars ships also... remember melting an X-wing once.

    It's a miracle that any of us survived.